Airport Pick-up Limousine Service (black limo)
Airport Pick-up Limousine Service (black limo)

Jacksonville Limo and Chauffeur Service

Located in Neptune Beach, serving Jacksonville, Ponte Vedra Beach and Fernandina Beach areas

Limo in Jacksonville

BTS Limousine is proud to offer Jacksonville residents impressive luxury limousine services with your choice of car from our extensive fleet, outfitted with anything you need to make your experience the best possible.

From to-and-from chauffeur services, to airport pickup, to all night party and prom rentals, we’ve got you covered for any daily needs or special occasions.

Whether you’re an individual or a business, our experienced professional drivers are happy to fulfill your needs and surpass your expectations. There’s a reason why our chauffeurs have such a great reputation and so many clients. Give us a call today to find out more!

Airport Pickup

Getting to and from the airport can be a huge hassle. When you’re heading to the airport you need everything in order and you need to be there on time. When you’re coming home from the airport or heading to a hotel, the last thing you want is to have to wait around for transportation.

BTS Limousine is a seasoned provider of quality airport limo services. We’re guaranteed on time ever ride, and are happy to provide the amenities that will make your trip a little less stressful.

Always arrive in style when you choose BTS Limousine.

Prom Limo Service

Prom is one of the most important times in a young adult’s life. It should be a fun and magical night that they can remember for years to come. Why risk ruining the evening with sub-par transportation?

At affordable prices, you can ensure your teen has the best night imaginable with our luxury limousine services. Offering group rates as well as the option for our limo to wait until the night is over for the ride home, our 24/7 limo services will not only be the key to a fun night, but a safe one as well.

Every one of our drivers is fully certified so you can sleep soundly knowing your loved ones are well taken care of.

Bachelor and Bachelorette Party Limo

Are you hosting a bachelor or bachelorette party? Are you looking for a fun, reliable, and affordable limo service? Then you’ve come to the right place. BTS Limousine is Jacksonville’s top pick for party transportation!

Let us be the designated driver for the night. We’ll pick up everybody in the group. There will be champagne and complimentary refreshments waiting for you. You’ll have wifi on board. And we guarantee great music, lights and laughter. At BTS Limousine, our priority is giving you a night to remember.

You bring the people, we’ll bring the party. With our unlimited pick-up and drop off service, you’ll be able to go from home to dinner to the bar to the club to the bar to home to a late night restaurant… wherever you need to go, we’ll take you there in style.

Wedding Party Limo

If the wedding day wasn’t already stressful enough, organizing transportation for the entire wedding party is a whole other story. If you let people get into their own cars, they might be late for the photographs. They might miss the reception. They might get caught in traffic. They might take a wrong turn and get lost.

Eliminate these contingencies! Hire a qualified chauffeur service to take your entire wedding party, from the service to the photo shoot to the reception and on to the dinner. Not only will this simplify the whole thing, but it will create a continuity throughout the course of the day. After all, the wedding party is made up of the most important people in your life. Keep them together and keep the party going with BTS Limousine, Jacksonville’s premier wedding party limo service.

Chauffeur Service in Jacksonville

Everyone who lives in Jacksonville knows that there’s no shortage of things to do. Yes, we work hard and we play hard. So when you go out for dinner, out to the theater, or out on the town, why not relax? Leave the car at home. Let us take you out for the night.

Our Jacksonville chauffeur service is perfect for families who want to ride together to go to one of Jacksonville’s famous restaurants or performances. It’s also a great choice for large groups of friends that don’t want to take multiple vehicles but can’t fit into one car.

A lot of people believe that limos are for the rich. This simply isn’t true. We offer very affordable rates by the hour. That means that, unlike taxis, we don’t overcharge you on distances. You know what you’re getting right from the get-go. And, with more people in the limo, why not split the costs among yourselves?

There is no better way to get around the city than in a BTS Limousine!

Limo Rental Prices

At BTS Limousine, we know that not every one of our Jacksonville clients is the same. Because of this, we keep our rates competitive and creative.

Many assume that limo rental prices are steep but this is not the case. The experience of a luxury limousine is something that can be worked into any budget, and it’s well worth it.

Give yourself the star treatment you deserve. Call BTS Limousine today to discuss your pricing options!

A Limo for Every Occasion

Airport limo services, prom limo services, weddings, birthdays, bachelor parties and more. At BTS Limousine we like to let our Jacksonville clients know that there’s no limit on what we can do!

Are you looking for a couples experience with champagne? Or, do you need a larger vehicle to transport everyone to a family reunion? The sky’s the limit when it comes to what type of transportation we can provide, and what we can outfit your vehicle with. Disco ball? Not a problem.

Are you ready to book your luxury limousine? Give us a call today!

Seven Reasons You Should Hire a Limo for Your Next Jacksonville Event

Jacksonville is a hot spot for bachelor, bachelorette, and wedding parties. It’s clear that we’re not the only ones enjoying the good weather this city affords. Thanks to our great entertainment industry and hip bar scene, Jacksonville ranks as one of the nicest cities in the country! So the next time you’re in town and looking for a way to get around, look no further than BTS Limousine. Our limousines service the whole city and surrounding area. Make your next event the party of your life!

  1. Designated driver. Single best reason for hiring a limo service while you’re out on the town is having a designated driver. You never have to take the trouble to convince one of your friends and you never have to wonder whether that friend has had one too many. Park your car for the night and have our limo service pick up the whole party. And at the end of the night, everyone will get dropped off safe and sound!
  2. Don’t worry about parking. This is something a lot of people forget about. You drive up to a restaurant or nightclub or hotel and guess what? There isn’t a place to park in an eight-block radius. Classic Jacksonville. But with BTS Limousine you don’t need to think about parking! We’ll drop you off at your event and pick you up after. We’ll take you to every spot you need to go and you’ll never have to think twice about the always frustrating question: “Where am I going to park?”
  3. You won’t get lost. Residence of Jacksonville might know their way around town, but if you come from elsewhere are you going to be looking at your GPS or smartphone the whole time? Meanwhile, everyone’s partying in the back, causing a real raucous! Talk about a distraction. But our drivers know the city inside out. Even the least explored areas of the city are no problem for our expert chauffeurs. Let them do the navigating while you enjoy your evening on the town.
  4. No more traffic frustrations. Okay, so we can’t guarantee that you’ll have a traffic-free ride. But with our limousine service, your party is already in the car. Literally. Enjoy it! A little traffic on the way won’t be a bother when the good times are happening all around you.
  5. Inner peace. If you’re like more drivers, you probably suffer from minor bouts of road rage. Incompetent drivers exist everywhere. But with BTS Limousine, we won’t let you waste your night drunk on rage. It’s not worth it.
  6. Keep the whole party together. Because you don’t need to take separate cars to get to the same event, your whole night will become one continuous party. Keep everyone together with a chauffeur service in Jacksonville.
  7. Feel like a VIP. Live like a VIP. The best part of hiring a limousine for a night out is that you get to feel like a million bucks for a night. You’re the celebrity that’s rolling up to the club. You’re the it-girl or it-guy that’s pulled up to the restaurant. How good would that feel? Pretty great!